Julie Townsend, FNP

Tucson, AZ

“I love the variety of patients I care for, I am really skilled in diabetic pts and pts with cardiac issues. My approach to pts is to explain the issues and help them make the decisions. A Family Nurse Practitioner treat their pts with care, compassion and a lot of love. FNP’s give pts the tools and then help them use them, if they choose.”

About Me

I am Julie Townsend, I have been an RN for 50 yrs and a FNP for 20 yrs. Julie and her partner designed Old Pueblo Healthcare. Three years ago, I was very fortunate to have Optima Medical acquire OPHC. It has enabled us to give the quality of care and testing that is required in today’s health care.

Education and Training

Diploma in nursing, Bachelors and Masters in Nursing, and Family Nurse Practitioner

Professional Certifications


Professional Experience

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What is your favorite activity outside of work

Holding hands with my new husband, movies, and my grandchildren